Mains Pipework chlorination

The chlorination and disinfection of water mains and pipelines is a critical phase of the pipeline commissioning process. Under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, you will be required to disinfect your pipework prior to connection. This is to safeguard water quality and public health.

Techright Environmental, we are a specialist water treatment company and comply with the British Standard BS8558 and BSEN805 (formerly BS 6700).

Pipework chlorination is the process of chemically disinfecting water pipes to ensure that they are safe for carrying drinking water. 

Pipework Chlorination step by step process:-

We will come to site prior to connection and carry out the following steps:

  • Cleanse – We will flush any contamination that has been introduced during installation
  • Sterilise – The water main will then be filled with a disinfecting solution (stabilised Silver hydrogen peroxide) to minimum 50 ppm or more, for at least an hour
  • Inspect – We will test the level of disinfection
  • Flush – The system is flushed with clean drinking water
  • Test – Microbiological samples will be taken and sent to UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure the disinfect has been successful
  • Report – Upon completion, a water chlorination certificate will be issued along with a detailed completion report showing photographs and UKAS accredited sampling results

Recently we chlorinated pipework in a new build of apartment blocks. The 90mm Distribution pipework was cleaned and chlorinated using Stabilised Silver Hydrogen Peroxide at 50PPM, ends blocked up and left safe for connection.

To enquire about our pipework chlorination please contact us.