Water Tank Lining

We provide a water tank lining coating solution to provide the ultimate protection from leaks, osmosis, blistering, cracks & heavily rusted tanks throughout Northern Ireland.

Tank Linings

Typically all our tank linings come with a 10 year warranty

Firstly, water tank lining is a coating system designed to cure at low temperatures. The polyurethane or epoxy coating is applied to the internals of the water retaining structure. Because of this, the coating acts as a barrier providing the ultimate protection from leaks, blisters, cracks, chemical attacks and corrosion.

Techright Environmental have gained many years of practical experience and provide coverage throughout Northern Ireland. In addition to water tanks, we also reline any water retaining structures made from GRP, Concrete or Steel Tanks.  

To illustrate, if your Steel water tank is heavily rusted and corroded, we can help. As well as, if your GRP or Concrete water tank is leaking, we have the solution. Again, if your water retaining tank is in poor condition with visible cracks and blisters. Our in-house team will restore your water tank and bring it back to life.

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Benefits of Tank Lining


  • Cost-effectiveness – repairing and lining a leaking water tank is more cost-effective than replacing
  • Enhances water safety
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Fast alternative to replacing a tank
  • Reduces ingress
  • Bacterial resistance to Legionella and other microorganisms
  • Reduces maintenance requirements – easy to clean, extremely flexible allowing movement
  • It may not be feasible to remove and install a new water tank due to the structure of the building. Most water tanks are in the Loft space with very little access

GRP Tank Linings 


Without full protection the GRP water tank over time will blister and crack. As a result, the GRP will form cavities full of stagnant and contaminated water. This is a process called Osmosis/ Hydrolysis. 

Basically, the GRP breaks down and capillary action causes the water to form the blisters which stagnate and eventually back feed the contaminated water into the tank. 

This leads to poor water quality within the water structure. As well as that, the GRP tank will eventually start to leak. 

Our in-house team has the solution by providing you with a cost-effective GRP (Fiberglass) material and solvent free polyurethane paint which is WRAS approved for drinking. The tank coating will act like a barrier and will prevent the recurrence of Osmosis/ Hydrolysis. The tank lining will be resistant to the growth of bacteria such as micro aquatic organisms and black spore fungi. 

Alongside resistance and protection, our polyurethane coating will be much easier to clean and maintain, so you can witness long-life performance with little maintenance and will resolve any leaks.


Evidence of Osmosis/Hydrolysis


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Steel Tank Linings


When lining steel tanks you will provide the ultimate protection from chemical attacks, rust and corrosion. 

Firstly, rust and corrosion can leave the essential nutrients for bacteria such as Legionella to grow. Therefore, it is vital that your steel tank is inspected periodically. 

When lining the steel retaining structure, the surface preparation is the key to the longevity of the tank. Our team will choose a lining suitable for the steel substrate that will be resistant to the growth of bacteria. By lining the tank, a barrier is formed providing the appropriate defence against corrosion. As a result, this will lower your chances of bacteria such as Legionella harbouring in your structure.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective fix, we recommend having your tank relined for long-term protection against bacteria. 

Please contact us first if you are thinking of replacing your water tank.

What Clients Say?


The professional attitude taken during the recent extensive works on site in relation to not only the job itself but with regards to health & safety was excellent. Aaron led the project from start to finish and was in full attendance for the duration of the works which gave us as a company the confidence to know the job would be executed correctly. Aaron’s team and third party contractor also carried out their duties to a very high standard.

Richard Barnes, Health and safety Manager FINNEBROGUE

I have been using Techright as water treatment specialists for the service, monitoring, and risk assessment of our water systems for several years. Aaron and his team have always provided a first class, cost-effective support service, and maintained a high quality of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client.