Legionella Remedial Work & Plumbing

Our highly experienced Legionella remediation team have extensive knowledge and provide fast,
reliable and professional services across Northern Ireland.

Legionella Remedial Work: Why We’re the Best Choice

Legionella Remedial works focus on improving the design of your water system by removing risks that encourage growth. Once you have the Legionella Risk Assessment, this will help identify all the risks and the practical steps that should be taken. The first step is to always eliminate the risk. Alternatively, when the risk cannot be removed the action is to reduce the risk.  For example, removing redundant pipework or implementing a weekly flushing regime can help reduce the risk.

Techright Environmental provides practical advice and solutions to all are Northern Ireland clients. We pride ourselves on:

Expert Knowledge Our highly experienced water hygiene consultants demonstrate extensive knowledge and work to a high set of standards. We believe in providing a fast, reliable, and professional service. 

Remediation SurveyOur team of experts will produce site surveys detailing remedial works which will eliminate or reduce the chances of bacteria such as Legionella flourishing within the water systems.

High Quality StandardAll work is in line with ACoP L8 (HSG 274 Part2) Compliance Standards

A Complete List of Our Legionella Remedial Work Services


 To prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in water systems, various remedial works can be carried out. Our expert team offer a list of various services that include:-

  • Dead leg removalinvolves removing unused pipework that can create water stagnation
  • Insulation – insulation of tanks and pipework can reduce heat loss and gain
  • TMV Install & Servicing – regular servicing of TMVs can also reduce the risk of scalds and Legionella contamination
  • Re-routing of Pipeworkcan create a good crossflow of water 
  • System Chlorinationcan be done if Legionella is suspected
  • Removal of Flexi hoses – flexi hoses can be replaced with WRAS approved ones
  • Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfectioncan ensure safe and clean stored water
  • Fitting of Mains Bypass – provides constant supply of water when work is carried out to your water tank
  • Descaling Servicescan reduce scale build-up  
  • Calorifier Descales, Blowdowns and Inspections – can improve efficiency
  • Fitting and Maintenance of POU water heaters – can be installed and maintained for optimal temperatures
  • Install of Cold-Water Storage Tank – sometimes it’s best to upgrade
  • Cold Water Storage Tank Inspections – ensures water storage tanks meet legislation 
  • Leaking Water Tank Repair – various solutions
  • Training – can also be provided for staff on temperature recording and shower head disinfections 

Legionella Remedial Work: Example of Work in Cold Water Systems

Legionella risk assessment is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of water systems. Once the risk assessment is complete, remedial work actions must be taken to remove or reduce the risk. The design principles should focus on preventing temperatures within the system that promote the growth of microorganisms, including Legionella.

At Techright Environmental, our remedial team carries out various tasks to address these risks. For example, they may install a new lid with a R31 tank breather and ingress screens, insulate pipes and tanks to prevent heat loss or transfer, and re-route pipework to ensure proper water flow. Additionally, they may replace and lower the ballcock to reduce the volume of stored water, and clean and chlorinate the water tank, providing a certificate as proof. While these actions may only need to be done once, regular inspections and cleaning are necessary to maintain the safety of the water system.

All Remedial Work is in line with L8 and ACoPs 

All remedial work related to water systems will be conducted in accordance with ACoP L8 regulations and HSE guidelines. Our team of certified and competent consultants are fully trained to work to high standards, ensuring that your water system is safe, compliant, and efficient. By following these regulations, we can significantly reduce the risk of a Legionella outbreak.

Additionally, we will provide a completion report that includes photographic evidence of all completed work, giving you peace of mind and proof of the work done.

What Clients Say?


The professional attitude taken during the recent extensive works on site in relation to not only the job itself but with regards to health & safety was excellent. Aaron led the project from start to finish and was in full attendance for the duration of the works which gave us as a company the confidence to know the job would be executed correctly. Aaron’s team and third party contractor also carried out their duties to a very high standard.

Richard Barnes, Health and safety Manager FINNEBROGUE

I have been using Techright as water treatment specialists for the service, monitoring, and risk assessment of our water systems for several years. Aaron and his team have always provided a first class, cost-effective support service, and maintained a high quality of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client.