Water Tank Lining

on Outdoor Hotel Roof Top

Outdoor Hotel Roof Top – Water Tank Lining

Overtime, GRP water tanks start to deteriorate. Mainly due to the constant immersion of water. The internal walls start to blister, and cavities are formed.  The small cavities start to retain stagnate water allowing bacteria to grow. You can give your GRP water tank the ultimate protection it needs by relining. This is a solvent free polyurtherane WRAS approved coating system designed to cure at low temperatures.

The Problem:

The hotel was suffering from poor water quality, one of the reasons for which was the poor condition of the two outside water storage tanks on the roof top.  During a routine tank inspection, the internal walls of the tank showed many blisters with microbiological growth spores. Some of the blisters were starting to crack. This creates an additional issue with the GRP leaking down the line.  

The Solution:

As both tanks are located on the roof it was more cost-effective to reline than replace. The coating will act like a barrier providing the appropriate defense against leaking and lower the chances of bacteria harboring within the tank.  

Firstly, one tank will be completed this week to ensure there is a constant supply of water to the hotel guests and staff onsite. Secondly, the last tank will be completed the following week.  

Step 1 – The tank was drained, and the internals inspected for blisters with cracks

Step 2 – Waterproofing is best to correct at this stage of the process

Step 3 – The internals are prepared by mechanical process

Step 4 – Tank vacuumed and cleaned in preparation for the solvent free polyurethane coating system

Step 5 – Heavy stripe coat followed by a full coat.

Step 6 – Once cured, second coat in a contrasting color

Step 7 – Once cured, dry film thickness checks carried out

Step 8 – Tank back online

The Benefits:

* The tank lining will be easily too clean.

* Improve water quality.

* Reduce bacterial growth and will give your GRP water tank the full protection it needs.   

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